The wonder of Mulawarman Stadium was once again beneficial for Borneo FC Samarinda. The visitor team, Persib Bandung successfully bent 1-2 in the expulsion match which also was held behind closed door on Wednesday (8/11).

The match against Persib was not an easy game for Borneo FC. Even the visitors had a surprise attack in the early minutes. Lucky, Muhammad Ridho still swiftly dispels kick Febri Hariyadi who already face one on one.

Ambitious to win, series of attacks and chances were created by Pesut Etam. But the first goal for Borneo FC was scored through Patrich Wanggai's kick at the 47th minute.

Lerby Eliandry doubled the passing of Pesut Etam in the 53rd minute. As well as breaking down the mentality of Persib who was dominated by young players.

Unfortunately, 20 minutes ahead of the dispersal of Stamina Pesut Etam began to slack. Billy Keraf took advantage of the host's inadvertency with his 72nd minute hard kick. Unfortunately, until the long whistle blown by the referee Hasan Akrami, 2-1 advantage to Borneo FC unchanged.

Winning from Persib, Borneo FC's coach Iwan Setiawan could not hold back his emotion. Even just after the fight was over, he ran straight to the opponent's bench. Crouch down and perform the celebration like a shot by pointing his forefinger and thumb toward the assistant coach of Persib Bandung, Herrie Setyawan.

Celebration of Iwan was greeted by Herrie. Both of them instantly shakehand as a sign of respect. The reason, what the Borneo FC's coach did that time was not mean to insult the opponent.

"I and Herrie are good friends, Emral Abus (coach Persib) I also consider him like a brother, my celebration is only a gimmick intended to entertain," said Iwan.

The victory got by Borneo FC affirmed Iwan not with a process that is not easy. Especially when the opposing team managed to steal a goal, former tactics PSMS Medan was made ketar-ketir.

Iwan affirmed that the victory of Borneo FC was not gotten through an easy process. Especially, when the opposing team managed to score a goal, succeed to worried this former coach of PSM.

"When conceded, the control of the ball far leaning towards the opponent, Persib make more chances and almost make an equalizer goal," Iwan complained.

The stamina of players became the main influencing factor. Inadvertency could not be avoidded, especially when Billy managed to score a goal.

Leaving one game which is against Arema FC (11/11), Iwan reluctantly returned his forces off guard. He did not want to make room for a potential opponent to score at Segiri Stadium.

"There is always a record of every game, conceding one goal is not good enough for us, in the evaluation there must be anticipation so as not to be missed," said Iwan.

Borneo FC's midfielder, Terens Puhiri also thanks for the victory achieved by his team. Although not scored, but the performance of all players is so amazing that it can beat Persib.

"It's all good, it's a precious result could mean so much for the next match," Terens said.

While from the visitor team, coach Persib Emral Abus regret two opponents. He considered his team missed due to lack of coordination in defense.

"If in the first half we did not concede, the final result could be different, especially when the second goal of our mentality players down," said Emral.

Do not want to lose points, Emral is actually trying to do some substitutions. The entry of Billy and Gian Zola gave a new spirit in the midfield. Unfortunately, Ezechiel injury makes the front line less offensive.

More superior than Persib, Pesut Etam managed to climb to the 8th position with 49 points. While the visitors are still ranked 12th with 41 points. (RIB/KOK)