Borneo FC Samarinda's goalkeeper, Muhammad Ridho achieved briliant record as the goalkeeper with the most saves in the 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1. In the release from Labbola, Ridho becomes the busiest goalkeeper throughout the competition of Liga 1 with 100 times saves.

Hearing that record, Ridho welcomes that excitedly. He said that the achievement is because of the hard work of himself and the team at Borneo FC Samarinda.

"Yes, thanks to the hard work of the team and most importantly there is also the role of coach goalkeeper of Borneo FC" Ridho told Bolalob.

As known, Borneo FC Samarinda use goalkeeper coach from Brazil, Luizinho Passos. The coach who is known for his methods that put forward goalkeeper's refletcs and response to the ball. Besides, he also admits that his mother's prayer also being one of the success key to his achievement in guarding Borneo FC Samarinda's goal along this season.

"Borneo FC Samarinda has a very good goalkeeper's coach and he influences me a lot in my performance." he continues.

Ridho becomes the first team goalkeeper for Pesut Etam in this season. Even in the matter of saves, he has already surpass the record of Andritany Ardhiyasa which is 96 times saves. "I trust in my own ability, I always supported by my own team, and especially the prayer from my mother." said Ridho. (**/KOK)