Borneo FC Samarinda failed to realize their dream of becoming the Champions of the 2017 Liga U-19. In the tournament purposed for the youngster, they must be satisfied to be in the fourth rank. Mentality problem was suspected to become one of the reason which end their missions on bringing the trophy champion to the Samarinda.

In the first round of the preliminary phase, Borneo FC U-19 can benefit from having all the matches in Samarinda, their home. The new home-away system effectively runs in the second round. Even so, Pesut Junior still managed to win Group C with a collection of 21 points.

The real test was seen when entering the round of eight who still use the group system. The whole match was held in Bali. The first match of the round of eight was against Bhayangkara FC U-19 which went smoothly. The explosion of motivation after beating the Thailand U-19 national team on the sidelines of the competition still felt at that time.

But it was the last time Borneo FC U-19 grabbed their full points. Furthermore, Borneo FC held 2-2 draw by Persela Lamongan U-19, continued fallen from Bali United U-19. Their four points achievement lead Borneo FC U-19 ranked second to qualify for the last four.

In the big four, Borneo FC U-19 again did not move. Bayu Alfarizi and his team were defeated by Persib Bandung U-19 in the semifinal match with a final score 0-1. In the match contest third place against Bali United U-19, Pesut Junior missed their chance to do their revenge mission.

Answering the decline in their performance ahead of the end of the competition, assistant coach of Borneo FC U-19, Febiaji spoke. According to him, the players did not successfully anticipate the advantages of opponents. "So one chance alone could be a goal. While many of our opportunities wasted, "he said. In the match counter Persib Bandung U-19, they add a minus value on the performance of the referee.

Borneo FC U-19 coach, Ricky Nelson detailed the reasons for minor appearances at the end of the tournament. First, his team stuck with expectations as a good and strong team. Impact, the opposing team also strengthen their defense. "The boys seem to have trouble penetrating the opponent's defense," Ricky said.

The players in the front line was no longer bertaji on the last two games. There are no goals in the two parties. "It's a mental problem, many children are not ready to face the game with high tension, including the pressure from supporters of the opponent," he explained.

The failure of his team to win the competition did not make them in despair. Therefore, the target of the team is to raise young players to senior level. "Some players are worht to join the senior team, the champion is my personal target and finally finish in fourth place," explained Ricky.
According to Ricky there are six players that worth a promotion, but only as a backup. "Not to be the first team because there are still a lot to learnt for them." added Ricky without mentioning the player he meant. (RIB/KOK)