Already proven to lift the performance of goalkeeper, Borneo FC Samarinda extend the contract of goalkeeper Luizinho Passos. So Pesut Etam will work with the Brazilian coach a year ahead.

The process of signing a new contract even has been done last month and unnoticed by the public. That way, Borneo FC Samarinda will still have a qualified goalkeeper. Because the work of this goalkeeper coach has been proven.

Manager of Borneo FC Samarinda, Farid Abubakar said that he believes in the ability of Passos who previously coached Brazilian premier league club, Cruzeiro. Even according to Farid, the results obtained by Pesut Etam with their three goalkeeper was quite worth. "Passos' contract is extended for one year because his ability to lift the goalkeeping performance is very good," said Farid.

According to Farid, from M Ridho as the main goalkeeper who managed to become the goalkeeper with the highest number of saves in the league this season. Then, Nadeo Argawinata and David Aryanto also when revealed can also give a stunning appearance. "If we have seen his ability, then we have no reason to not renewing his contract," he explained.

Because previously, Borneo FC Samarinda has never gotten a goalkeeping coach with this kind of ability. Even he is convinced that any goalkeeper he trains will improve. "The club also believes in the ability of him who has the skills to boost the team, so far there has been no such, so we added duration," he said.

Meanwhile, Passos who has been confirmed about his contract's extension said that he also loves to live in Samarinda. In fact he was trying to learn Bahasa Indonesia. "For me Borneo FC Samarinda is like my second family, I love this club and I am ready to work longer here," said Passos.

Then to boost the performance of the goalkeeper, he calls it indeed his duty as a coach. By focusing on the reaction and response of the goalkeeper, Passos will also train the goalkeeper to face the dead ball. "It needs training to anticipate penalties and free kicks, I'm still trying to improve next year," he said. (HFZ/KOK)