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Considered To Be Successful And Has A Good Training Method: Borneo FC Extend The Contract of The Goalkeeper Coach Luizinho Passos (16/11/2017)

Italia Failed To World Cup 2018: Two Borneo FC's Goalkeepers Dissappointed (15/11/2017)

Review Of Borneo FC U-19 Achievement This Season: Some Players Worth A Promotion To Senior Team (13/11/2017)

Has A Chance To Be The Best Goalkeeper in Liga 1: Muhammad Ridho Admits That All Because of His Mother's Prayer (10/11/2017)

Ahead of Becoming The Top Scorer of This Season: Lerby Eliandri Has A Chance To Break The Record (Again) (10/11/2017)

Showing His Sharpness: Patrich Wanggai Desires To Score Into Arema's Goal (10/11/2017)

Against Arema FC, The Farewell Match With Salvo: Next Season Borneo FC Will Use Foreign Apparel (09/11/2017)

Borneo FC 2-1 Persib: Succeed To Defeat Maung Bandung (09/11/2017)

Borneo FC vs Persib Banding: Have To Win For The Pride (08/11/2017)

Bali United U-19 2-0 Borneo FC U-19: Pesut Etam Junior Failed To Reach Target (10/11/2017)

Borneo FC Prepare Ridho in Bontang: Luizinho Passos Praise The Mentality of Nadeo and Davit (07/11/2017)

In A Total Good Shape: This Morning, Borneo FC Head To Bontang (07/11/2017)

Productive in These 3 Years: Febri Is Excited To Score The 200th Goal For Borneo FC (07/11/2017)

High Spirit Amid The Lack of Recovery Time: Borneo FC Determined To Win in The Two Remaining Matches (05/11/2017)

Persib U-19 (1-0) Borneo FC U-19: One Penalty Goal End The Ambition of The Young Pesut Etam (04/11/2017)

Strengthened by The Nahusam Football Academy Player: Borneo FC U-11 Wins The 2017 Nahusam Youth Cup (04/11/2017)

The Team Had Fought Persistently: Defeated in Serui, Leonard Tupamahu Apologized (04/11/2017)

Perseru Serui 3-2 Borneo FC: Failed To Pick Up Points in Serui (04/11/2017)

Perseru Serui vs Borneo FC: Not Coming For Lose (04/11/2017)

Determined To Bring The Liga U-19 Cup To Samarinda: Habibi Encourages The Fighting Spirit of The Young Pesut Etam (03/11/2017)

Target To Pick Points in Serui: Pesut Etam Count On The Collective Game (03/11/2017)

All Out Against Perseru Serui: Recovered From Injury, Wahyudi Hamisi is Ready To Play (03/11/2017)

Not Come Along To Serui Today: Sultan Samma and His Team Have A Trial Match Against Borneo FC U-17 (02/11/2017)

Admit The Increasing Performance of The Team: Coach Ponaryo Optimistic That Borneo FC Would Break The Top Standing (02/11/2017)

Got Home From The AFC A Coaching Course: Ponaryo Astaman Has A New Responsibility (02/11/2017)

Prepare Two Different Teams: Borneo FC's Strategy Ahead of The Tight Schedule (01/11/2017)

Bring Minimalist Squad: Borneo FC Intend To Make A Surprise in Serui (01/11/2017)

Consider Borneo FC As His Family: Sayonara Shane Smeltz! (01/11/2017)

Away Match To Perseru Serui: Borneo FC Set Up Nadeo Argawinata For Goalkeeper Position (31/10/2017)

Tight Schedule in The End of The Season: Borneo FC Do Squad Rotation (31/10/2017)

3 Matches Left: Pesut Etam Keep Train Their Stamina (31/10/2017)

Evaluation Ahead of The Semifinal: Borneo FC U-19 Asked To Be More Focused (30/10/2017)

Borneo FC 1-2 Persija: Inadvertency Caused A Disaster (29/10/2017)

All Out for Borneo FC: Pusamania Will Not Loosen Their Support (27/10/2017)

Anticipating The Long Queue In Home Match Against Persija: Borneo FC's Organizing Committee Asks The Audience To Come Early (27/10/2017)

Predicted To Be More Shining: Ponaryo Astaman Acknowledges The Speed of Terens Puhiri (26/10/2017)

Being Viral on Foreign Media: Terens Puhiri's Goal Thrilled The World (26/10/2017)

Without Firdaus Ramadhan And Shane Smeltz: Home Match Against Persija, The Strength of Borneo FC Weakened (26/10/2017)

All Out In Derby Mahakam: Borneo FC Praise The Loyality of Pusamania (25/10/2017)

Scored A Goal In Mahatma Derby: Riswan Yusman: 'This is For My Mom' (25/10/2017)

Made Their Way to Semifinal As Group Runner Up: Borneo FC U-19 Achieved The Same Result With The Last Season (25/10/2017)

Fight To Impress Luis Milla: About Saves, Muhammad Ridho Is The Best In Liga 1 (24/10/2017)

Dedicated The Victory To His Late Father: Asri Akbar Was Brilliant In The Mahakam Derby (24/10/2017)

Exploit The Weakness of Mitra Kukar: The Key of Success Behind Borneo FC's Big Win (24/10/2017)

Borneo FC Has A Chance To Do Breakthrough To Asia: Abdul Aziz: "We Have to Win All of The Matches Left" (24/10/2017)

Stamina Prone To Reduced: Borneo FC Must Keep Their Rhythm (24/10/2017)

Mitra Kukar 0-4 Borneo FC: Pesut Etam Prove Themself As The King of Mahakam (24/10/2017)

Mitra Kukar vs Borneo FC: Pursue The Predicate as The King of Mahakam (22/10/2017)

Crisis In The Midfield Ahead of Mahakam Derby: Borneo FC's Coach Prepares The Alternative Composition (22/10/2017)

Borneo FC U-19 (2-2) Persela U-19: The Desire to Semi Final Must Be Delayed (21/10/2017)

Fight With The Uncomplete Squad in Derby of Mahakam: Ahead of Away to Mitra Kukar, Borneo FC Will Be Without Flavio and Rachman (21/10/2017)

Winning 4-2 Against Persela: Borneo FC's Coach Complimented Persela's Persistence (20/10/2017)

The Referee of Borneo FC vs Persela Was Injured: Aji Santoso Admits That Borneo FC Deserve To Win (20/10/2017)

Ahead of Derby of Mahakam: Borneo FC Target Victory in Tenggarong (20/10/2017)

Borneo FC 4-2 Persela Lamongan: The Team Proved The Sharpness of Their Finishing Touch (20/10/2017)

Tribute to Choirul Huda: Borneo's Players Asked Not To Do Excessive Celebration When Scoring Goals (19/10/2017)

Having Better Position Than Persela: Borneo FC Asked To Stay Focus Without Underestimate (19/10/2017)

Borneo FC vs Persela: Pursuing Victory Amid of The Grief (19/10/2017)

Many of The Players Are Injured: Borneo FC Hope Dinan and Wahyudi To Recovered Soon (18/10/2017)

Got Cards Accumulation: Leonard Tupamahu Must Skip The Match Against Persela (18/10/2017)

Borneo FC U-19 vs Bhayangkara FC U-19: Pesut Etam Junior Is Highly Motivated (18/10/2017)

Ready To Face Persela In Samarinda: Borneo FC Squad Is In A Good Shape (17/10/2017)

Promises To Trade Jersey: Muhammad Ridho Was Shocked To Be Left Away By Huda (16/10/2017)

Borneo FC U-19 In The Big Eight: Ready To Fight In The Island of Gods (16/10/2017)

The Love Is Getting Stronger: Yamashita Kunihiro Proud To Be The Team's Captain (15/10/2017)

Often To Be Played As A Starter: Sultan Samma Becomes The Soul For The Team (15/10/2017)

After Hold Madura United To A Draw: Borneo FC Target To Beat Persela (15/10/2017)

Borneo FC Confident Ahead of Persela Clash (15/10/2017)

Madura United 1-1 Borneo FC: Discipline is The Key (14/10/2017)

Madura United vs Borneo FC: The Ambition to Pick Points in Pamekasan (13/10/2017)

Thousands of Pusamania Cheered In The Stadium: The Coach of Thailand U-19 Praises The Atmosphere of The Stadium (12/10/2017)

Able To Defeat Thailand U-19: Borneo FC Junior Hoped To Stay Humble (12/10/2017)

Borneo FC U-19 (4-3) Thailand U-19: Pesut Etam Junior Won Dramatically (11/10/2017)

Thailand U-19 Will Be Playing Their Naturalized Player : Borneo FC U-19 Be Wary of Thailand U-19's Tiki Taka (11/10/2017)

Marc Alavadra Palacios Prepares The Newest Composition: Against Pesut Etam, The White Elephant Promise To Perform Differently (11/10/2017)

Ricky Nelso Knows The Weakness of Their opponent: Borneo FC U-19 Wil Challenge Thailand U-19 To Do Open Play (11/10/2017)

Borneo FC U-19 vs Thailand U-19: Rare Opportunity To Gain Experience (11/10/2017)

Borneo FC's Midfield Become More Colorful: The Performance of Sultan Samma Received Praises (10/10/2017)

Got Injured After The Match Against PSM: Wahyudi Hamisi Needs 2 Weeks of Recovery (10/10/2017)

PSM U-19 (1-1) Borneo FC U-19 : Held To A Draw In Mattoangin Stadium (09/10/2017)

Borneo FC Defeated PSM in Samarinda: Amir: 'Wherever The Land Is Stood On, The Sky Is Hold High' (09/10/2017)

Borneo FC 3-2 PSM Makassar: Pesut Etam Achieved Precious Victory (08/10/2017)

Borneo FC vs PSM Makassar: If Win, Hundreds Million of Bonuses Awaiting (08/10/2017)

Don't Want To Underestimate Their Opponent: Borneo FC Asks PSM To Play With High Tempo (07/10/2017)

Ready To Play All Out: Lerby's Desire To Score In The Match Against PSM (07/10/2017)

Beware To The Power of PSM: Borneo FC Prepare For The Battle in The Midfield (07/10/2017)

15 Clubs in Liga 1 Unsatisfied: Borneo FC Remind PT LIB To Be Introspective (06/10/2017)

Challenged by Juku Eja in Segiri: Borneo FC Will Play All Out (06/10/2017)

Thight Competition To The Mainstay Does Not Discourage Arthur Irawan (06/10/2017)

Facing PSM in Segiri Stadium: Borneo FC Samarinda Prep Up Sultan Samma (06/10/2017)

International Friendly Match To Be Held In Samarinda: Borneo Fc Optimize The Match Against Thailand U-19 (06/10/2017)

Scored A Goal With Indonesia National Team: Lerby's Finishing Touch Became Sharper (05/10/2017)

Joining New Zealand National Team in Japan: Shane Smeltz Miss A Match Against PSM Makassar (05/10/2017)

Perseru Serui U-19 (2-1) Borneo FC U-19: First Lose of Pesut Junior (05/10/2017)

Match Against PSM in Segiri Stadium: The Squad of Pesut Etam Is In The Good Shape (04/10/2017)

If Played In The Match Against Kamboja: Lerby Eliadri Determined To Bring Indonesia To Victory (04/10/2017)

After Failed In Banjarmasin: The Coach of Borneo FC Wants To Defeat Juku Eja (03/10/2017)

Showing Good Leadership: Kunihiro Yamashita Pumped The Spirit of Pesut Etam (03/10/2017)

Borneo FC's Fans Are Happy: The Match Against PSM Makassar Will Be Held In Segiri (02/10/2017)

Although Defeated in Derby of Papadaan: The Hardwork of Borneo FC's Player Still Appreciated (02/10/2017)

Barito Putera 2-1 Borneo FC: Failed To Fulfill The Ambition in Derby of Papadaan (02/10/2017)

Derby of Papadaan Without The Special Wan: The Team Control Trusted To Ahmad Amiruddin (01/10/2017)

Barito Putera vs Borneo FC: A Mission to Win The Derby of Papadaan Match (01/10/2017)

Sharpness To Be Tested Again: Shane Smeltz Prioritize Victory (01/10/2017)

Patrich Wanggai Ready to Unload The Strategy of The Coach of Barito Putera (01/10/2017)

Support Borneo FC in Banjarmasin: Hundreds of Pusamania Will Attend The Papadaan Derby (30/09/2017)

Borneo FC U-19 3-1 Persiba Balikpapan U-19: Unbeatable, Pesut Etam Junior Stay On Top (30/09/2017)

Postponed Match Against Persib Remains Unclear: Borneo FC Decide To Wait For The Notification Mail From PT.LIB (29/09/2017)

Head to Banjarmasin Early: Borneo FC Samarinda Determined to Pick Points at 17 May Stadium (29/09/2017)

International Trial Match at Samarinda: Borneo FC U-19 Challenge The Winner of AFF Cup U-19 (29/09/2017)

Borneo FC U-19 vs Persiba U-19: Aim To Be The Group Winner (28/09/2017)

Creates More Goals For Borneo FC Samarinda: Shane Smeltz Is Happy To Be Productive Again (28/09/2017)

Finding The Most Suitable Sceme: The Special Wan Works Hard For The Best Formation (27/09/2017)

Build The Team's Spirit: Iwan Setiawan Admits To Rely On Patrich Wanggai (27/09/2017)

Evaluation For Improvement: Coach of Borneo FC Concerns on The Final Touch (27/09/2017)

Persipura U-19 (0-1) Borneo FC U-19: Pesut Etam Junior Got The Ticket To Big Eight in Jayapura (26/09/2017)

Borneo FC 1-0 Persiba Balikpapan: Win For The Sake of Self Esteem (26/09/2017)

Opponent on The Verge of Degradation: Borneo FC Samarinda Be Wary of The Raise of Persiba (25/09/2017)

Having Home Match in Bontang: Two of Borneo FC's Foreign Players Get New Experience (25/09/2017)

Full of Sanctions in The Second Round: Pesut Etam Is Emotionally Tested (24/09/2017)

Match Schedule Against Persib Too Forced: Borneo FC Asks PT. LIB to Hold a Match For One Day (24/09/2017)

Warmly Welcome by People of Bontang: Borneo FC Hope For The Luck of Mulawarman Stadium (24/09/2017)

About The Closed-Door Match: Pusamania Hope The Sanction Could Be Revised (24/09/2017)

The Chaotic Liga U-19 Group 3: Borneo FC Junior Try to Stay Strong (22/09/2017)

Move Their Home Base Into Bontang: Borneo FC Must Be Tough Facing The Suspension (22/09/2017)

Often Harmed in Home And Away Match: Coach of Borneo FC Disappointed With Referee's Bad Calls (22/09/2017)

Flight Home Delayed: Borneo FC Samarinda Stranded (21/09/2017)

Bhayangkara FC 2-1 Borneo FC: Defeated by Third Party (21/09/2017)

Against Bhayangkara FC: Borneo FC Aiming For Another Away Victory (19/09/2017)

The Match Against Persib Bandung Postponed: Borneo FC Shifting Their Focus On Bhayangkara FC (16/09/2017)

Wondering With The Sudden Re-Schedule: Shane Smeltz Comments On The Quality Liga Indonesia (16/09/2017)

Borneo FC Consider To Use Marora Stadium As Temporary Homebase (15/09/2017)

Disciplinary Committee's Decision Was One Sided: President of Borneo FC Denies The Accusation (15/09/2017)

Borneo FC Goes To School 2017: Pesut Etam Greeted With Dayak Dance in SMKN 14 (14/09/2017)

Borneo FC Goes To School 2017: Nadeo Argawinata Causes Hysteria In SMKN 14 Samarinda (14/09/2017)

These Are The Responses of Borneo FC Towards 4 Matches Suspension (14/09/2017)

Introducing Football Since The Early Age: Borneo FC Held a "Stadium Tour" With Kindergarten Students (13/09/2017)

Don't Want To Be Carried Away With All Compliments: Shown The Spirit of Spartan Marked Asri Akbar's Comeback (13/09/2017)

Held to Draw Again In Home Match: Coach Iwan Still Praised The Fighting Spirit of Pesut Etam (12/09/2017)

Said The Draw Result Was Fair Enough: Diego Enjoy The Match Against The Holland Connection (12/09/2017)

Borneo FC 0-0 Bali United: Ended In A Goalless Draw (11/09/2017)

Against Ex-Team: Lerby Eliandri More Proud Fighting With Borneo FC (11/09/2017)

Borneo FC vs Bali United: Mission To Embarrass The Ex (11/09/2017)

Appeal Committee Changes The Discipline Committee's Decision: Diego Michiel Will Play On The Match Against Bali (11/09/2017)

Watching Bali United's Match Record: Coach Iwan Said To Know How To Hold Bali United's Aggressiveness (10/09/2017)

Challenged by Bali United at Segiri Stadium: Asri Akbar Wishes For The Fans Loudest Roar To Support The Team (10/09/2017)

Remind The Referee To Be Fair: The Match of Borneo FC Against Bali United Will be Refereed By Foreign Referee (09/09/2017)

Borneo FC Goes To School: Cheerfulness at SMK Negeri 1 Samarinda (09/09/2017)

Recovered from The Injury: Asri Akbar Ready To Come Back (09/09/2017)

It was Only a Prediction, Not a Wish: Coach Iwan Setiawan Apologize (07/09/2017)

Rules For 2017 Suratin Cup Still Unclear: Borneo FC U-17 Could Probably Cancel Joining The Championship (07/09/2017)

Challenged by The Leader of The Standing: Borneo FC Look On The Match Against Bali United Seriously (06/09/2017)

Borneo FC Apologize For Coach Iwan's Statement about Indonesia National Team U-18 (05/09/2017)

The Satisfying Performance of Borneo FC's Young Player (05/09/2017)

Persegres 0-1 Borneo FC: First Away Winning For Borneo FC (05/09/2017)

Persegres vs Borneo FC: Not an Easy Match (04/09/2017)

First Team Squad Incomplete: Borneo FC Will Optimize Young Players in Gresik (04/09/2017)

Amid The Tight Schedule: Borneo FC Try to Keep Confident (03/09/2017)

Next Away Match Against Persegres: Borneo FC Will Be Without Matheus and Flavio (03/09/2017)

Chosen As The Team's Captain: Kunihiro Yamashita Will Be All Out (02/09/2017)

The Coach's Scheme Applied Excelently in The Game: Coach Iwan Praises The Squad's Discipline (02/09/2017)

After 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Struck Padang: The Psychic Condition of Borneo FC's Players Are Not Affected (01/09/2017)

6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes West Coast of Sumatra: Borneo FC's Player Ran Out of The Hotel (01/09/2017)

Performed With Confidence: Sultan Samma's Equalizer Goal Became Differentiator (01/09/2017)

Borneo FC Picked One Point in Padang: Nabil Husein Appreciated The Team's Hard Work (31/08/2017)

Semen Padang 1-1 Borneo FC: One Precious Point in Padang (31/08/2017)

Promise To Slow Down Semen Padang's Offense: Abdul Rachman Ready to Play All Out (31/08/2017)

Semen Padang vs Borneo FC Borneo FC: Beware of Their Opponents' rise. (31/08/2017)

Watch Opponent's Match Video Record: Coach Iwan Has Learned The Character of Semen Padang (30/08/2017)

Ready to Join National Team: Lerby Eliandri: Padang First, Then Fiji (30/08/2017)

The Bus Accident Left Trauma To Borneo FC When Arrived In Padang (29/08/2017)

Indonesia VS Fiji in Bekasi: Abdul Rachman and Lerby Eliandri Are Called For National Team (29/08/2017)

Padang and Gresik Tour: Borneo FC Think About The Team's Fitness (28/08/2017)

Borneo FC Sharpen the Attack Through Wing Sector (28/08/2017)

Injuries Haunted Borneo FC (27/08/2017)

After Recovered From Ankle Injury: Dinan Javier Ready to Train With His Team (26/08/2017)

Called Up to New Zealand's National Squad: Shane Smeltz Will Miss Some Matches with Borneo FC (25/08/2017)

Evaluate Their Forward Lines: Borneo FC U-19 Will Find a New Striker (25/08/2017)

Want to Be Focused to The Team: Borneo FC U-19 Refuse to Host the Second Round of U-19 Competition (24/08/2017)

Borneo FC U-19 1-0 Persipura Jayapura U-19: Pesut Etam Junior Top The East Zone Standing (24/08/2017)

Got Yoo Jae Hoon's Jersey: Muhammad Ridho Was Happy to Get His Idol's Jersey (23/08/2017)

Apply For AFC A License Coaching Course: Borneo FC Fully Support Ponaryo Astaman (22/08/2017)

Held to A Draw in Debut Match: Not Satisfied With the Result, Coach Iwan Still Praise The Players (22/08/2017)

Borneo FC 1 - 1 Persipura Jayapura: Pesut Etam Failed to Break the Record (22/08/2017)

Nahusam Football Academy to Compete in Minister of Youngster and Sport U-16 Liga Pelajar (22/08/2017)

Challenged By Persipura on His First Debut: Coach Iwan: Bismillah, We Will Win (21/08/2017)

Borneo FC vs Persipura Jayapura: The Key is To Be Wary of Boaz Solossa (21/08/2017)

Stay Focused Ahead of Persipura Clash: Kunihiro Yamashita Have Faith in Borneo FC's Strength (21/08/2017)

To Beat Persipura: Terens Puhiri Will Go All Out (20/08/2017)

Habibi Asks His Team To Keep Low Profile: Borneo FC U-19 Hold On The Top Standings (20/08/2017)

Mitra Kukar U-19 (0-1) Borneo FC U-19: The Mahakam Derby Belongs to Samarinda (19/08/2017)

Borneo FC U19 vs Mitra Kukar U19: Aiming for Victory in Mahakam Derby (19/08/2017)

Officially Signed With Borneo FC: Arthur Irawan Ready to Get to The Main Team (18/08/2017)

Synergize for Samarinda Pride: Borneo FC Appreciate The Support From The Major of Samarinda (18/08/2017)

Arthur Irawan's Administration Is Under Process (18/08/2017)

Borneo FC Appeal Diego Michiels Six-Match Ban (18/08/2017)

Before The Closing of The Transfer Window: Arthur Irawan Officially Signs for Borneo FC (17/08/2017)

How Coach Iwan Protect Players From Injury Earn Praise (17/08/2017)

Riswan Yusman Sidelined Due to Injury: Luthfi Nanda: It's Not Severe Injury (17/08/2017)

Heavy Rain in Samarinda: Iwan Setiawan Ended the Training Session Faster (16/08/2017)

Fans Attendance to Drop Drastically: Borneo FC Only Got 50 Millions From Their Latest Match (15/08/2017)

Targetting Maximum Result: Iwan Setiawan Asks For Support (15/08/2017)

Biased Referee on The Match of Borneo FC U-19 Against PSM Makassar U-19 (15/08/2017)

Signed Until The End of The Season: Iwan Setiawan The New Coach of Borneo FC (14/08/2017)

Borneo FC Replace Ricky Nelson's Position with New Local Coach (14/08/2017)

Sultan Samma's First Goal Brought Victory to Borneo FC (14/08/2017)

Doesn't Care About His Position: Ricky Nelson Only Hopes The Best for Borneo FC (14/08/2017)

Borneo FC Defeated PS TNI: Patrich Wanggai: We Won Because We Unified (14/08/2017)

Borneo FC 1-0 PS TNI: Borneo FC Dramatic Win Over PS TNI (13/08/2017)

Press Conference Schedule Disrupt Team's Break Hours: Borneo FC and PS TNI Complained (13/08/2017)

Bali Youth Championship 2017: Nahusam FA Succeed to be in The Top Three (12/08/2017)

Avoid To Be Ashamed for Twice: Borneo FC Must Win Home Match Against PS TNI (12/08/2017)

Ricky Nelson Big Hopes to Defeat PS TNI at Segiri Stadium (12/08/2017)

Want Their Youngster to Gain More Experience: Borneo FC Send Terens, Habibi, and Tolle to Brazil (11/08/2017)

Coinciding with Independence Day: Borneo FC Schedule Against Persegres Postponed (11/08/2017)

Perseru Serui U19 1 vs 2 Borneo FC U19: Pesut Etam Still Superior (10/08/2017)

To Strengthen The Defense: Borneo FC Signed Firdaus Ramadhan (10/08/2017)

Position in The Table Dropped: Management of Borneo FC Prepare For Alternative Option (09/08/2017)

Borneo FC to Host PS TNI: A Pay Back Match of Pesut Etam (08/08/2017)

Defeated By The Visitor Sriwijaya FC: Borneo FC's President Review Materials for Evaluation (08/08/2017)

Want To Get Up Soon: Jefri Kurniawan Trying To Forget Bad Debut (08/08/2017)

Fans Attendance in the First Round of League 1: Pusamania Attendance is Still The Highest in East Borneo (07/08/2017)

Home Winning Record Broke: Ricky Nelson Took Responsibility (07/08/2017)

Put Two Debut Players At Once: Ricky Nelson: Both displayed good performance on training (06/08/2017)

Borneo FC Home Winning Streak Stopped: Borneo's Captain: It was a Trial for Us (06/08/2017)

Borneo FC U19 3-0 Persiba Balikpapan U19: Pesut Etam Junior Ruled the East Borneo Derby (06/08/2017)

Borneo FC 0-1 Sriwijaya FC: Defeat At Segiri Stadium, Break Home Winning Streak (06/08/2017)

Borneo FC vs Sriwijaya FC: Never Look Down at The Guest Team (05/08/2017)

Looking For Chance to His Debut: Jefri Wants to See Smile in Pusamania's Face (05/08/2017)

Respect for The Referees: Borneo FC Warmly Welcome Foreign Referees (04/08/2017)

Starting to find His Best Performance: Ricky Nelson Keeps Shane Smeltz in Borneo FC (04/08/2017)

Bankaltim to Sponsor Borneo FC: All Customers Get a Special Entrance to The Stadium (03/08/2017)

Use Light Reflection Technique: Segiri Stadium Grass Looks More Beautiful (03/08/2017)

Still Believe in Ricky Nelson: President of Borneo FC Talks About The Second Round (02/08/2017)

Lastori Out For Loan to PSIS Semarang (02/08/2017)

High Tension of Malang Clash: Lerby's Eyelid Got Three Stitches (01/08/2017)

Borneo FC Strengthen The Frontline: Letting Go of Firly Apriansyah, Dinan Javier Comes (01/08/2017)

Arema FC 0-0 Borneo FC: Pesut Etam Hold Singa Edan at Their Own Home (31/07/2017)

Arema FC vs Borneo FC: Pesut Etam Targets Away Point in Kanjuruhan Stadium (30/07/2017)

Wahyudi Tole Hamisi Motivated by His parents on His 20th Birthday (29/07/2017)

Al Habib Muhammad Al Athos Gives Advices: Against Arema, Muhammad Ridho Should Not Be Nervous (28/07/2017)

Without Shane Smeltz: Borneo FC Bring 21 Players to Malang (27/07/2017)

Shane Smeltz and Ricky Ohorella Injured: Borneo FC Weakened (27/07/2017)

Let's Come to Segiri: Match Ticket Against Sriwijaya FC is On Sale Now (26/07/2017)

Scored 16 Goals: Lerby Eliandri has a Chance to Be Borneo FC's Top Scorer in A Record Time (26/07/2017)

Has No Club Yet: Borneo FC allow Pedro Javier to Join the Squad for Training (26/07/2017)

Michael Orah and Fernando Gomez Set For Loan Move: Borneo FC Bring Back Jefri Kurniawan (25/07/2017)

Two Weeks Injured: Riswan Yusman Will Have Hydrotherapy (25/07/2017)

Borneo FC Home Match at Segiri Stadium: Keeping Fans in the Stands is Getting Harder (25/07/2017)

More Sophisticated Tribune Entrance: My Ticket and Borneo FC Intensely Innovate (25/07/2017)

Ahead to the Inaugural Match of U-19 League: Borneo FC Junior Seriously Do Preparation (24/07/2017)

Feels Like Home in Samarinda: Luizinho Passos Actively Learns Bahasa (24/07/2017)

Borneo FC 3-0 Borneo FC U-19: Smashing Junior with Three Goals (24/07/2017)

Not Wearing 1st Jersey: Borneo FC Give In to Win (23/07/2017)

Players Slowly Start to Understand: Ricky Nelson Admitted The Pressure Still On (23/07/2017)

Borneo FC 2-0 Perseru Serui: Pesut Etam's Enviable Record at Segiri Stadium (23/07/2017)

Borneo FC vs Perseru Serui: Not a Monotonous Game (22/07/2017)

Denies Imitating Munchen and PSG: Ricky Nelson will Maximize Asri and Flavio (22/07/2017)

Aiming to be in The First Team: Abdul Aziz is Ready to Compete (22/07/2017)

Taking AFC A Coaching Course: Ponaryo Astaman Will Miss Some Borneo FC's Matches (20/07/2017)

Flavio Beck Junior is Excited: Indonesia League will Use Foreign Referee (20/07/2017)

Improving Stamina: Borneo FC Boost Players' Physical Performance (20/07/2017)

Avoid To be Conceded More: Ricky Nelson will Strengthen the Defense (20/07/2017)

Borneo FC's Home Match Ticket Fare Lowered (19/07/2017)

Coach Ricky Nelson Will Optimize Shane Smeltz's Ability (19/07/2017)

Variation in Borneo FC's Midfield: Abdul Aziz Returns After Loan (19/07/2017)

Villa 2000 vs Borneo FC: Borneo FC Optimize Their Playing Schemes (17/07/2017)

Persija Jakarta 1-0 Borneo FC: The Away Curse Continues (17/07/2017)

Only One in Indonesia: Borneo FC Use Injury Detector From Germany (17/07/2017)

Targetting Top Three in the standing: In Ricky Nelson's Hands Borneo FC Will be Different (16/07/2017)

Persija Jakarta vs Borneo FC: Ricky Nelson's Chance to Prove (16/07/2017)

Have No Fear Against Persija: Lerby has a Chance to Create New Record (16/07/2017)

Facing Persija Jakarta: Diego Michiels will Play in Orange Derby (15/07/2017)

Terminates Dragan Djukanovic's Contract: Borneo FC Points Ricky Nelson as the New Caretaker (13/07/2017)

Bring 20 Players to Bekasi: Players' Suspension Weakened Borneo FC (13/07/2017)

Cleansheet Four Times: Muhammad Ridho Stays Humble (13/07/2017)

Team Under Pressure: Borneo's Coach Cannot Sleep Well (12/07/2017)

Scored a Goal in Mahakam Derby, Lerby Broke His Own Record (12/07/2017)

Borneo FC 1-0 Mitra Kukar: Pesut Etam Slap Naga Mekes (11/07/2017)

Borneo FC vs Mitra Kukar: The Prestige in Mahakam Clash (11/07/2017)

Facing a rough time, Borneo FC needs support from the fans (11/07/2017)

Borneo FC gunning for revenge against Madura United (03/07/2017)

Borneo FC question inconsistent U-23 regulation (30/06/2017)

Dody Al Fayed determined to enter first-team squad amid change in regulation (30/06/2017)

Borneo FC begin selling ticket for match against MU (29/06/2017)

Borneo cautious of non-technical issues against strong PSM side (17/06/2017)

Highly-spirited Borneo FC bring 20 players to Makassar (17/06/2017)

Asri Akbar, Wahyudi Tolle and Nadeo sidelined as injuries haunt Borneo FC (11/06/2017)

Dragan Djukanovic demands players to focus until last minutes (11/06/2017)

The best from Patrich Wanggai is yet to come: Djukanovic (10/06/2017)

Samarinda to witness duel of two different generations (09/06/2017)

Lerby Eliandri pays tribute to Dibyo with a brace (08/06/2017)

Persiba vs Borneo FC: A Prestigious Derby (03/06/2017)

Borneo Prepare Nadeo Under Goalposts as Bad Pitch Injures Ridho (03/06/2017)

Borneo’s Trio Gear up Ahead of East Kalimantan Derby (03/06/2017)

Muhammad Ridho wants to keep home clean-sheet record (31/05/2017)

Borneo FC 3-0 Bhayangkara FC: Borneo Sink Bhayangkara in a Convincing 3-0 Victory (30/05/2017)

Leonard Tupamahu Reminds Borneo Players of Bhyangkara’s Threats (28/05/2017)

Borneo FC seek Ramadhan victory in Bhayangkara’s clash (28/05/2017)

Players told to consume more protein during Ramadhan (24/05/2017)

Riswan Yusman committed to keep improving after scoring first goal (24/05/2017)

Ahmad Amiruddin leads team training while Dragan Djukanovic on leave (23/05/2017)

Borneo FC most popular club outside Java, Twitter reveals (23/05/2017)

Wearing Third Kit, Borneo FC Aim to Increase Jersey Sales (22/05/2017)

Persib 2-2 Borneo FC: Borneo FC snatch valuable draw at Persib Bandung (21/05/2017)

Borneo FC seek homegrown young talents (19/05/2017)

Ponaryo Astaman plans to launch book (18/05/2017)

Borneo FC intensify training amid incomplete squad (17/05/2017)

Boss urges Borneo FC to recover from 'emergency situation' (15/05/2017)

Borneo FC coach brands Sultan Samma a doctor (09/05/2017)

Djukanovic Praises Tupamahu Following Semen Padang Victory (09/05/2017)

Lerby strikes to seal Borneo's dramatic win over Semen Padang (08/05/2017)

Matheus Lopes to play debut for Borneo FC (08/05/2017)

Diego Michiels rues Padang’s incident, vows to control his temper (08/05/2017)

Borneo FC wants revenge against Semen Padang (07/05/2017)

Borneo FC supports Persiba’s plan to find home in Samarinda (06/05/2017)

Ahmad Amiruddin tells his team to forget past meetings against Semen Padang (05/05/2017)

Leonard Tupamahu vows to battle for first team spot (05/05/2017)

Yamashita’s absence triggers competition among center backs (04/05/2017)

Four consecutive games without TV coverage, Borneo FC’s popularity threatened (03/05/2017)

Borneo head to Jayapura hours after victory against Persegres (30/04/2017)

Borneo FC 3-0 Persegres: Pesut Etam seal crucial victory (29/04/2017)

Borneo FC vs Gresik United: First Step Towards Asia (29/04/2017)

Yamashita peps up ahead of Gresik’s clash (29/04/2017)

Matheus Lopes unveiled to Replace Helder Lobato (29/04/2017)

Meet Orca, Borneo FC's official mascot (28/04/2017)

Borneo confident Shane Smeltz will shine against Persegres (27/04/2017)

Borneo FC demand better quality from referees (26/04/2017)

Borneo FC foreign players already obtain work permits (26/04/2017)

Against Gresik United: Borneo FC ready to unleash full-strength (25/04/2017)

Focusing on finishing touch: Borneo FC seek more goals (25/04/2017)

Impressive form during Sriwijaya's clash delights Ridho (24/04/2017)

Ten-man Borneo FC concede defeat to Sriwijaya FC (22/04/2017)

Lobato, Tolle likely miss Sriwijaya’s game (22/04/2017)

First victory sought in Palembang (21/04/2017)

Borneo FC Speed up Efforts to Process KITAS (20/04/2017)

after finishing National Examination: Dody Al Fayed flies to Palembang (20/04/2017)

Riswan Yusman Beats His Nerves on League Debut (20/04/2017)

Borneo FC shift all focus to Sriwijaya’s clash (19/04/2017)

Players Get Jacuzzi Treatment to Recover (18/04/2017)

Djukanovic Says He Starts to Get Used to Referees 'Irregularities' (18/04/2017)

Borneo fail to secure victory over PS TNI (17/04/2017)

Mother's support boosts Ridho's confidence (17/04/2017)

PS TNI vs Borneo FC: Pesut Etam seek three points from Pakansari (16/04/2017)

Go-Jek Revealed as Borneo FC’s Latest Sponsor (16/04/2017)

Borneo FC Hires Nutritionist: Acknowledging the Importance of Sport Science (15/04/2017)

20 Players, including Smeltz, Head to Bogor (15/04/2017)

Smeltz says he finds no difficulty to adapt to his new club (14/04/2017)

Inconsistent Fixture Schedule Hurts Borneo FC (13/04/2017)

Borneo FC Close to Announcing New Sponsorship Deal (12/04/2017)

Jersey Sales Skyrocketing Since Smeltz Arrival (12/04/2017)

Smeltz Boosts Borneo FC’s Dream of Asian Competition (11/04/2017)

Smeltz pledges to work hard as he arrives in Indonesia (11/04/2017)

Abdul Rachman to miss season opener due to injury (11/04/2017)

Shane Smeltz’s presence expected to fuel sense of competitiveness (11/04/2017)

Ponaryo praises fans, demands more creativity (10/04/2017)

Shane Smeltz Unveiled as Borneo FC’s Marquee Player (09/04/2017)

Thousands gather to witness Borneo FC’s official launch (09/04/2017)

I miss Segiri’s atmosphere: Fagundez (08/04/2017)

Borneo FC to launch squad for fresh young talents (08/04/2017)

Djukanovic pins his hopes on talented Lerby (07/04/2017)

Liga 1 operator lambasted for “nonsense” fixture (06/04/2017)

Borneo FC first club to transfer player through TMS (06/04/2017)

Trial held to find potential youngsters (06/04/2017)

Borneo FC gain Montenegrin media attention (05/04/2017)

Borneo FC targets New Zealand forward Shane Smeltz (04/04/2017)

Borneo FC Sign Yamashita, Zulvin ahead of Liga 1 (04/04/2017)

Borneo FC Inch One Step Closer to Signing Ex-Marseille Player (02/04/2017)

Borneo FC Sign Sponsorship Deal with Popular Coffee Producer (28/02/2017)

PBFC II to Face Madura United in Quarter Finals (21/02/2017)

Big Victory over PSIS Semarang Unexpected, Ponaryo Says (20/02/2017)

Dragan Happy with Players Fitness Level (20/02/2017)

PBFC Hit Four Past PSIS Semarang in Friendly (20/02/2017)

PBFC Aims to Provide Entertainment Through Friendly (19/02/2017)

Ricky Nelson’s Strategy Proven Effective Against Sriwijaya (19/02/2017)

PBFC to Apply New Strategy during PSIS’s Friendly (19/02/2017)

Fandi Achmad’s Goal Sends PBFC II Through To Quarterfinals (19/02/2017)

Battle of Legends Presents 6 Goals (24/12/2016)

Salvo Launches Special Jersey for “Battle of Legends” (23/12/2016)

Dragan Admits PBFC Lucky to Beat Kukar (13/10/2016)

PBFC 3-2 Mitra Kukar: PBFC Shows Who's The Boss in Mahakam (13/10/2016)

Ponaryo Hails Pusamania Fans's Mosaic (13/10/2016)

Ready to Fight in Mahakam: Derby Back from National Team, Lerby and Jefri are More Motivated (11/10/2016)

PBFC Is Mine: Ultras Smaga Gives a Surprise to PBFC (10/10/2016)

Done His Debut with PBFC: Aimar Ohorella Glad to Get a Trust from Dragan Djukanovic (09/10/2016)

Scores His First Goal: Ricky Ohorella is More Enthusiast (08/10/2016)

Looking at Mahakam Derby: Dragan Djukanovic wants PBFC to Rise Up (08/10/2016)

Busted The Opponent Penalty: Muhammad Ridho is Happy with His Debut (08/10/2016)

Even Though It’s Hard PBFC: Still Have Desire to Reach The Top Three (07/10/2016)

Bhayangkara FC 2-1 PBFC: Pesut Etam has Beaten by “Magic” (07/10/2016)

Join The National Team: Lerby and Jefri are Pray for PBFC (07/10/2016)

Unbeaten in 5 Matches: Zul Hopes PBFC Positive Trend Still Continue (06/10/2016)

Harmony is The Key: Leonard Analyzed Opponent's Strategy Through Video (06/10/2016)

Meet Bhayangkara FC For The Glory: PBFC is Ready To Fight! (06/10/2016)

Injury, Edilson Tavarez Absences Against Bhayangkara FC? (05/10/2016)

Get a Promotion to Senior Team: Rival Lastori is Ready for His Debut (05/10/2016)

Remembered of Divisi Utama Champion Euphoric: Fandi Ahmad Hopes to have Luck at Gelora Delta Stadium (05/10/2016)

Lose a lot of Points in Home: Terens Puhiri Prepares a Special Mission to Take Points in Away Match (05/10/2016)

Believe in Pesut Etam's Strenght: Djukanovic wants to Reach Victory Against Bhayangkara FC (05/10/2016)

PBFC is Mine: In Three Schools, Match Ticket against MU has been Sold for 500 Sheets (29/09/2016)

Doesn't Obsessed to be a Top Score: Jefri Kurniawan Focuss on Team (28/09/2016)

For The Live Broadcasting: The Match Between PBFC vs Bali United Will be Held One Hour Earlier (07/09/2016)

PGK Will be Held (Again): PBFC is Ready To Retain Their Title (07/09/2016)

Garuda Squad Will Come with Various Strikers: Defend The National Team, Lerby Performance is Very Satisfying (07/09/2016)

Rade Novovic is Back! (06/09/2016)

Deal!: On September 11th, PBFC will Fight Against Bali United at Segiri Stadium (05/09/2016)

PBFC U-21 (0-0) Mitra Kukar U-21: Derby Mahakam End in a Draw (05/09/2016)

PBFC U-21 vs Mitra Kukar U-21: Must Win for The Pride (04/09/2016)

How PBFC Players using Their Recess Time: Ponaryo 'Mudik' to Australia, Diego Stays in Samarinda (04/09/2016)

About The TV Rating: PBFC is being The Team with Highest TV Rating in East Indonesia Area (03/09/2016)

Due The Match Re-Schedule against Persib, PBFC is on Break (03/09/2016)

PBFC U-21 bashing Perserui U-21 with score 5-1: King Gavin Reminds His Friends to not being Over Confidence (01/09/2016)

Flavio Beck Junior Records a Brace: Team Performance Getting Better, Dragan Djukanovic is Satisfied (01/09/2016)

During PON 2016, ISC will Break for a While: The President of PBFC : It’s gonna Make a Mass Impact to The Other (01/09/2016)

PBFC U-21 (5-1) Perseru U-21: Massive Win on The First Match for Pesut Etam Junior (01/09/2016)

Here are The List of 8 Players That were Released by PBFC (31/08/2016)

Ready to Give His Full Effort: Rachmat Latief is Determined to Bring PBFC to The Top Position (31/08/2016)

PBFC is A Big Team, Behind Flavio's Reason About His Joining to PBFC (31/08/2016)

For The Achievement and Team Development: Nabil Fully Trust It to The Head Coach of PBFC (31/08/2016)

Segiri Stadium Field Grass is under Maintenance (Again): PBFC will do Their Practice Session at Palaran Stadium for 10 Days (30/08/2016)

Get Flavio and Rachmat, PBFC Believe If Their Squad could be Tougher than Before (30/08/2016)

Got a Call from Indonesia National Team: Lerby Eliandry and Dian Agus are Very Grateful (30/08/2016)

About The Re-schedule Match Against Persib: PBFC Give Their Harsh Critic About The Unfair Decision from GTS (29/08/2016)

Zulkifli Syukur is Disappointed About The Re-schedule Match: About The Alternative Stadium, Persib Must Learn from Persija! (29/08/2016)

Welcoming The Second Round of ISC: Transfer Windows has Opened, PBFC is Ready to Purchase New Players (29/08/2016)

Lerby Eliandri is Grateful for The Goal Opportunity (29/08/2016)

Being The Most Productive Player: Jefri Kurniawan doesn't Want To Satisying too Easy (29/08/2016)

Fanaticism Rise Slowly: The Amount of The Spectactor at Segiri Stadium is Increasing (29/08/2016)

Right on Eid-Adha Holiday: PBFC Asking Bali United to Fight in Early Date (29/08/2016)

Bad Quality of The Referee is Always be The Polemic: PBFC Denies Every Accusation That Claiming Them Requesting To Change The Referee (29/08/2016)

PBFC (Again and Again) Give Their Hard Criticism About The Bad Quality of The Referee (28/08/2016)

PBFC 2-2 SFC: Devastated by The Bad Quality of The Referee (27/08/2016)

PBFC is Phobia with The Referee: Against SFC, PBFC Reminds The Referee to be Fair (27/08/2016)

Confessing if Sriwjaya FC is a Tough Team: Ponaryo Wants To Defeat His Ex-Club (27/08/2016)

PBFC vs SFC: Harmed to Lose in Home Base (27/08/2016)

PBFC Must be Aware on The Awaken of SFC (26/08/2016)

Happy Because can Full Perform in 90 Minutes: Leo wants PBFC Consistent on The Victory Lane (26/08/2016)

Last Match on The First Round: PBFC is Hoping The Full Support From Their Supporters (26/08/2016)

PBFC U-21 listing Terens and Gavin (24/08/2016)

Jefri Kurniawan is Happy about Flavio Jr Quick Adaptation (24/08/2016)

Here’s The Reason Why PBFC Release Tarik Boscheti From The Team (23/08/2016)

Releasing Tarik Boschetti: PBFC bringing Flavio Beck Junior to the team (22/08/2016)

Arema Cronus 1-2 PBFC: Pesut Etam Defeat Singo Edan at Malang (21/08/2016)

Arema Cronus vs PBFC: Duo Balkan's Tactical War (20/08/2016)

Dragan Djukanovic Hopes The Referee will be Fair (20/08/2016)

PBFC wants to Repeat The Victory Against Arema (19/08/2016)

Facing Arema at Kanjuruhan, PBFC Finalize Their Scheme (19/08/2016)

Let’s go! Buy your PBFC ticket online at (18/08/2016)

Arrived at Malang: PBFC squad is on their nostalgic moment (18/08/2016)

PBFC always “haunted” by the referee (17/08/2016)

PBFC is giving a signal to buy new players (16/08/2016)

Facing Arema, PBFC is not on full strengh (16/08/2016)

Anticipate of PS TNI Speed: Firly wants To Make PBFC Get a Score in Bogor (15/08/2016)

PS TNI vs PBFC: Dicipline and Win! (15/08/2016)

On The Upcoming Match Against PS TNI: Vicky Nitinegoro "Joins" PBFC Squad (14/08/2016)

Edison Tavarez is Addicted To Scoring The Goals (13/08/2016)

The Captain is Back!: Against PS TNI, Popon Wants To Break The Bad Record (13/08/2016)

Gavin Kwan isn't patience to back into PBFC squad (12/08/2016)

Rade Novovic is Hate to See Fractious Players in His Team. (12/08/2016)

Dragan is Focusing to The Weakness of PBFC Opponent (11/08/2016)

PBFC U-21 Bash Harbi Putra (09/08/2016)

After The Victory: Directly On Focus To Facing PS TNI (09/08/2016)

To Finalize Their Good Scheme: Tonight, PBFC Will doing Try Out Again (09/08/2016)

[VIDEO] PBFC's Winning Goals at Derby Papadaan (08/08/2016)

PBFC 4-1 Barito Putera: The Awaited Victory (07/08/2016)

3 Special Reason You Must Come To #DerbyPapadaan Today (07/08/2016)

PBFC vs Barito Putera: Three Points is a Must! (07/08/2016)

Match Ticket using a Tecnology: The Supporters of PBFC is Feeling Very Usual Now (05/08/2016)

Tommorow, PBFC Will Fight Against Barito Putera: It's Time for PBFC To Rise! (05/08/2016)

Against Barito Putera, PBFC might be without Diego Michiels. (04/08/2016)

Tonight, PBFC U-21 Will Challenging PON Kaltim (03/08/2016)

Get A Full Support from PBFC President: Dragan Djukanovic's Program Will Make Pesut Etam Rising (01/08/2016)

Dragan Believes That Lerby Will Gonna Be A Predator (01/08/2016)

Sultan Samma at Dragan's Sight: He is Great and Special (01/08/2016)

Got a Call From Lebanon National Football Team: Jad Noureddine Believes PBFC Performance Will Going Better. (31/07/2016)

The Only One From Borneo: Lerby is Determined to Give His Best (30/07/2016)

Being called from National Team: Dian Agus is Proud for Still Get Trusted. (30/07/2016)

Participate on The National Team Selection: Gianluca Blessed to Find a New Lesson (30/07/2016)

Not Going to Serui: PBFC is doing a Try Out Against U-21 team. (30/07/2016)

Don’t Get a Flight Ticket: PBFC is Threatened To Get Lose WO Against Perserui (29/07/2016)

PBFC Release The Official Sticker on LINE Messenger (27/07/2016)

Another Three Players of PBFC Get Injury After The Match Against Persela (26/07/2016)

3 Young Talented Players of PBFC Be Called by Indonesia U-19 National Team (26/07/2016)

Gojek Traveloka Liga 1
Sabtu, 11 November 2017
Kickoff 19.30 WITA

Borneo FC

Arema FC

Stadion Segiri, Samarinda
Gojek Traveloka Liga 1 2017
1Bali United FC34 21 5 8 76-38 68
2Bhayangkara FC34 22 2 10 61-40 68
3PSM Makassar34 19 8 7 67-38 65
4Persija Jakarta34 17 10 7 46-24 61
5Persipura Jayapura34 17 9 8 64-37 60
6Madura United34 17 9 8 58-44 60
7Barito Putera34 15 8 11 48-44 53
8 Borneo FC 34 15 7 12 50-39 52
9Arema FC34 13 10 11 43-44 49
10Mitra Kukar34 13 4 17 49-74 43
11Sriwijaya FC34 11 9 14 50-50 42
12PS TNI34 12 6 16 46-58 42
13Persib Bandung34 9 14 11 39-34 41
14Persela Lamongan34 12 4 18 49-55 40
15Perseru Serui34 10 7 17 35-45 37
16Semen Padang FC34 9 8 17 34-52 35
17Persiba Balikpapan34 7 6 21 41-62 27
18Persegres Gresik Utd34 2 4 28 26-104 10